Sunday, September 27, 2015


I saw this recipe come across my feed the other day, and new my children would love them. I made them today and did they ever LOVE them!!! Oh my gosh.

I followed the recipe nearly identical except when I ground the oats for flour I added cranberries, almonds and chocolate chips so they were smaller and better incorporated.  One kid doesn't like cranberries, another doesn't like almonds. They all love chocolate of course. I'd have to send them back as defective if they didn't. HA....Kidding of course. I also didn't the amount of maple syrup it called for, just the applesauce, a drizzle of syrup and water to mix.

Iv'e made lots of oatmeal bars and oatmeal muffins. But when it seems like its a cookie, its more of a treat to them. And with a spectacular name like snackel.....well what's not to love? I haven't made anything from Dreena Burton that we haven't loved!

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