Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chef AJ's Lasagna

There is almost nothing more to say....Lasagna. I remember in years past deciding to try and make a standard lasagna. I decided very very quickly that is was far easier and more cost effective to just buy a frozen one from the grocery store. But in either case, neither were healthy at all. I once thought it was the pasta that made it unhealthy but now know that it was all the meat and cheese and oils.

I've made a few different plant based lasagnas in the past, but my absolute favorite is Chef AJ's. I have made it several different ways. The first time, I made it exactly as it was written, using the beans in place of the tofu. I decided rather quickly it really didn't need the cashews, so I just added more beans. I've used store bought sauce and homemade. Homemade is far better. Today's is no exception to that. This time I used tofu instead of the beans. I also used shredded carrots and my own grown zucchini. I don't use mushrooms, cause hubby seems against them.

So, because I didn't use the cup of nuts, I used 2 14 ounce packs of tofu. And as always, I didn't have enough of the onion veggie mixture. But no one can tell. ;)

Recipe for the sauce used.

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