Friday, May 6, 2011

Revised Tacoless Taco Salad

I have no picture of this, because my bowl isn't see through glass, but I revised my taco salad a bit.

One of the things about a restaurant taco salad that I really like, besides the shell of course, is the refried beans.

So today I took my crockpot beans, put them in a large bowl and heated through. Then mashed with a fork to make them "refried" like. Then layered the ingredients on top.

I had the beans on the bottom, then layered shredded lettuce, then hot rice, then sprinkled salsa on that, then took a large Roma tomato and a 1/4 of an avocado on that. Squeezed a lime and called it lunch!!

There is something so calming about warm mashed beans all over lettuce, I cant explain it. And while I like the original, I really love this more:O)

And I can now say, after having eaten only half of this salad, my eyes were WAY bigger then my stomach!!!

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